Careers in Gaming

Top Video Game Careers

Take a look: Which of these video game careers are for you?

If you love video games, it’s natural to be interested in video game careers. But if you’ve done even a little bit of research, you’ve probably noticed there are dozens of different job types in the video game industry. That can make your career research a bit overwhelming.

We have good news for you: Even though there are dozens of different game jobs, most of them fall into just six high-level job “families.” Simplify your research by reading about the job families below, then follow the links to dive deeper into the areas that seem to catch your interest. Learn about the top video game careers, explore what they do, and discover which ones you should consider for your future career.

Top Video Game Careers

  1. Video Game Designer
  2. Video Game QA Tester
  3. Video Game Programmer
  4. Video Game Artist/Animator
  5. Video Game Audio Engineer
  6. Video Game Producer
  7. Professional Video Game Player

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