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Ideal Institute of Technology is joining the wave of the future through its Virtual Reality Lab Initiative.

Virtual Reality (VR) is an exciting technology that is influencing all areas of life: education, business, medicine, entertainment, and personal recreation. Given the ability to move around in VR has catapulted the technology into an exciting virtual world venture.

Ideal VR Lab will be used as a learning tool in summer camp and weekly classes, focusing on topics such as animation, electronics/robotics, drone technology, and math enrichment programs. The lab will provide employment for students who are enrolled in the First-Step Program/Initiative.

In addition to educational program offerings, Ideal VR Lab will be available for private, social events as well.

Ideal wants to use its VR Lab to bring educational development and recreation to Atlantic County and beyond.

Out of Ideal Institute’s efforts to bring cutting-edge technology, education, and training to Atlantic County, the school’s vision has expanded twofold: (1) to provide the opportunity to earn a high school diploma to those who lack the diploma; and (2) to train a workforce that will make Southern New Jersey the next Silicon Valley, one student at a time.

Ideal Institute of Technology is a 501(c) 3 non-profit career institute licensed by the state of New Jersey. The institute, located in Absecon, Atlantic County, offers career and skills training to students who are looking for better and more challenging careers in the technical industry.



Virtual Reality empowers teachers and students.

VR classrooms from grades K-12 are transforming the learning process today. Schools that utilize VR lessons in the classroom engage students in a multi-dimensional setting and provide educators the ability to send lessons to specific headgear and monitor the student’s activity and comprehension of the material.

Students experience the greatest impact when using technology to learn. VR takes the material from the textbook and makes learning an interactive experience. Students experience new vistas of learning or environments through field trips to museums, to you-are-there moments in history or travels through space. Students may use VR to create artwork on a 360-degree canvas.

Ideal VR Lab will be available for schools to offer educational field trips to their students. Summer camps and after-school programs for Robotics and Innovative Engineering enthusiasts are on the calendar for 2019.


Virtual Reality empowers innovators and entrepreneurs.

Virtual Reality is bringing a new dimension of services to business and industry. Street View Technology or Google Interactive Tour shows off a shop, restaurant, or hotel accommodations.Streaming VR conferences anywhere in the world engages associates who would not otherwise be in attendance. Architects may use VR to design, create and implement a world in the making or real estate agents may use virtual reality to showcase a house for sale. Ninety-five percent (95%) of home buyers take VR tours on the internet to look for homes and 51% buy homes they find on the internet.

Architects and real estate agents may want to sign up for classes at the Ideal VR Lab where they will learn to showcase their designs or use learn to use technology to sell a property.


Ideal VR Lab will be available for specialty events such as birthday parties, e-sport tournaments, team games and experiences. Catering services are available to make your party the best. Information packets are available online. Schedule a time and date on www.iitnj.org


The Ideal VR Lab will provide employment opportunities for students enrolled in the First Step Program/Initiative. Youth ages 16-24 will be employed as Entry Level Technicians to work in the Ideal Virtual Reality Lab. The youth will use customer skills and work in the lab to aid customers during their game time. They will setup computers for client use, handle transactions, monitor and interact with clients at every level, answer questions, and troubleshoot video game installations and functions. They will also assist in preparing for group visits, tournaments, and private social events such as birthday parties.

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