Corporate Events

Tired of trust falls and group hugs? Take your next team building or client entertainment event to another dimension with Virtual Reality.

We all know teams that play together stay together. At Ideal VR Lab you and your coworkers can form new bonds doing something completely modern and exciting. Fighting zombies, race car driving, and traveling the world are just a few of the many memorable experiences in VR.

Ideal VR Lab has 12 VR stations and we can accommodate groups of up to 50. Each group member will experience VR at their own pace or have one of our team members guide you through a team building activity together.

We can cater a full food package or drinks and finger foods, depending on what you need. When you schedule your event you get exclusive use of our entire facility for only your group, our entire library of games and our amazing staff to help you have maximum fun.

Team Games & Experiences

With our existing off the shelf activities, emphasis is on fun and competitiveness between groups. We can customize a simple fun day for the team, with opportunities for staff to mix with each other outside their own normal working groups. We can also discuss with you any particular company values, competencies or learning outcomes that could be highlighted during the day. We can then seamlessly build these into your personalized VR Team building day.

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