Gaming Lab

About VR Gaming Lab

Ideal Virtual Reality Lab serves as a research and testing grounds for students interested in exploring the educational potential of existing VR experiences, or in developing and assessing their own interactive VR content. The VR Lab provides a full room VR experience (16'x 16') using the original HTC Vive head mounted display.  In addition, we have an Oculus Rift available primarily for seated VR experiences, and four Oculus Go's to explore the portable and social aspects of VR.

The lab facilities were designed to observe and record the behaviors and learning strategies of users as they explore educational content through this medium. Our staff have media production experience and expertise in shooting and editing of 360º video. Schedule a visit to discuss how we can help further your VR-related projects.

The Virtual Reality lab is a popular destination for smaller classes interested in exploring VR technologies. For courses that are teaching VR production and development while playing more than 2000 VR games.

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