E Sports Center


We host tournaments as well as book tournaments as a venue for a small fee. Whatever the game if you have the people we will arrange it, or arrange it yourself. We love friendly competition, who doesn’t? Show the world you’re a Big Dog and capable of doing what’s needed to win. In recent years, we’ve been no stranger to hosting our own tournaments. And with our layout we’re well equipped to handle everything from 5v5 in houses and large group events. We’ve constructed our facility to accommodate 5 man teams perfect for any mode of fps team.

Gaming Machine

Our rigs are designed for the long grinds, The planned sit-downs. We encourage you to embrace your passions and have a hassle free time whilst doing so. All of our computers are regularly updated cleaned and scanned to ensure the most pleasant stay, specifically built for being used for extensive use. Being a 24/7 Gaming Center is no easy task. Our computers are built tough to last, with high performance being a focus. We have over 60 computer stations regularly monitored. We pride ourselves on 60 fps and maxed graphics, we update drivers and ensure our computers are ready for whatever you throw at them.

Amazing place to meet and hang out with other gamers

This is where all different types of gamers can come together and enjoy, converse about their favorite games or try new ones the options are limitless! Ideal VR Lab welcomes everyone and anyone who enjoy playing games maintaining good vibes and friendly attitude. Leave the troubles outside the door and come in enjoy and relax and most importantly have fun!

High Performance Computers and Giga Network

Our fully equipped gaming machines are up and ready anytime of the day just waiting for you!

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